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Xcelerate ATZ 5.6L

XcelerateTM ATZ 5.6LRUP

Acetochlor 3.1 lbs./gal ~ Atrazine 2.5 lbs./gal
1.4 to 3 qts./acre
Application Timing
PRE to early postemergence
Adjuvant Recommendations
FS COC Supreme/UAN


Product Description

  • Xcelerate ATZ 5.6L herbicide is a premix with atrazine for control of more than 40 grasses and broadleaf weed species
  • Provides excellent control in all tillage situations
  • Xcelerate ATZ 5.6L is a restricted use pesticide
  • For field corn forage use, allow 60-day preharvest interval 
  • This product and certain tank mixtures may be applied postemergencec until corn reaches 11" in height
  • Do not use more than 3.8 qts. of this product per acre per calendar year