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NutriFuse Focus K 5-8-12

NutriFuseTM Focus K 5-8-12

The liquid fertilizer with a high macronutirent and a complete micronutrient content for crops with special potassium requirements and for crops grown at locations with potassium fixation in the soil.


Product Description

NutriFuse Focus K provides a package that high macronutrient and well-balanced micronutrient permits both preventive and curative applications to control specific deficiencies in agricultural and horticultural crops. Formlated to be compatible with many common pesticides, Focus K is an ideal tank mix partner to deliver plant nutrition during a pre-planned pesticide application. 

  • Nutrient ratio designed for potassium demanding crops
  • Fully chelated cationic micronutrients
  • Easy to use liquid formulation
  • Nutrients readily available to plants