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HiYield MicroMix DDP MicroNutrient

HiYieldTM MicroMix DDP® MicroNutrient

Derived from: urea, ammonium hydroxide, phosphoric acid, potassium acetate, and potassium hydroxide


Product Description

  • HiYield MicroMix DDP is designed by Compass Minerals' Wolf Trax Innovative Micronutrients, to provide a robust level of key micronutrients for maximizing yield
  • When blended with dry fertilizer, the unique formulation and electro-static adhesion ensures micronutrients thoroughly coat each and every granule of the fertilizer blend
  • By using the granular fertilizer belnd as an improved delivery system, HiYield MicroMix DDP providse up to 50 times the inception points for roots to access micronutrients when compared to granular micronutrients
  • The unique micronutrient ratio is designed to aid in crop establishment, early plant growth
  • DDP fertilizer coating ensures that micronutrients are evenly distributed throughout the root zone
  • As a dry fertilizer coating system, micronutrients are more consistent throughout the blend and more evenly distributed in the field when compared to granular micronutrients. This consistency is maintained through mixing, handling, and application
  • Convenient and easy to use, saving fertilizer blenders valuable time in adding different micronutrients to the blend
  • HiYield MicroMix DDP may be used: 
    • As a coating on all broadcast dry fertilizer
    • In dry fertilizer starter blends
    • As a broadcast application in UAN liquid fertilizer when properly agitated


Nutrients Supplied
  • Boron: 2%
  • Copper: 7%
  • Iron: 11%
  • Manganese: 8%
  • Zinc: 15%