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Acellus ATZ


Acetochlor 3.1 lbs./gal ~ Atrazine 2.5 lbs./gal
1.4 to 3 qts./acre
Application Timing
PRE to early postemergence
Adjuvant Recommendations
FS COC Supreme/UAN


Product Description

  • Controls a wide spectrum of annual grasses and small-seeded broadleaf weeds in corn
  • Provides two modes of action, offering residual activity
  • Performs well in various tillage systems
  • Acellus ATZ is a restricted use pesticide 
  • Do not apply Acellus ATZ within 60 days of harvest of field corn for field corn forage uses, or 45 days for sweet corn forage uses
  • Postemergence applications of Acellus ATZ to corn must be made before the crop reaches 11 inches in height
  • Maximum annual acetochlor broadcast application rates for corn must not exceed 3.0 lbs. active ingredient (3.8 qts. Acellus ATZ) per acre
  • Apply a maximum of 2 lbs. active ingredient (3.2 qts. Acellus ATZ) per acre if a single preemergence application is made on soils that are not highly erodible or on highly erodible soil if at least 30% of the soil is covered with plant residues